What’s the program, 2009

2008 has been overall not been too good. I’ve become lazy, stupid, careless, angry, unhealthy, addicted to GPRS and more committed to getting a job in ISRO! But, its helped in meeting more wonderful people, providing great insights into myself (during the lazy bouts), better awareness, a maturity and possibly a philosophy that I canContinue reading “What’s the program, 2009”

Past Week in Space #1

A hopefully weekly column in this blog that seeks to track the weekly space news. It doesn’t have the usual NASA/ESA traffic unless it is important. I think there are enough blogs/forums out there covering such things without having to add something of my own. The timeline is in reverse chronology. The NASA’s M3 teamContinue reading “Past Week in Space #1”

Banning online satellite imagery services to combat terrorism

This article originally appeared on my blog http://pradx.wordpress.com. I recovered the post using Wayback Machine. A PIL has been filed against providing free online satellite imagery in India. I really do not understand how this is going to help without beefing up security on the ground. A few points for your consideration: 1. How many such servicesContinue reading “Banning online satellite imagery services to combat terrorism”