RC Planes and the Cansat competition

In 2009, whilst I was involved with SEDS-India, we had initiated a cansat competition at our chapter in Vellore Institute of Technology. The next year on a team at IIIT-Hyderabad won the international cansat competition, a feat they repeated the next year. I have been thinking up ideas of how to make a reasonable cansatContinue reading “RC Planes and the Cansat competition”

Hobbies through the Ages

As part of reducing focus that I carried out last year offline, I had listed through all the hobbies that I wanted to dabble in. They are, in no particular order: cartographer astronomer ham (amateur radio) robotics collecting stamps collecting coins travelling – hiking bicycling amateur weather station setting up a decimeter radio telescope amateurContinue reading “Hobbies through the Ages”