The God Who Loved Motorbikes (2019)

I picked up the book written by Murali K Menon after seeing that the book was launched by John Abraham on September 25. The book is a Juggernaut publication and I saw that the book was available at a low cost on the day of the launch. Hence, I picked it up without giving aContinue reading “The God Who Loved Motorbikes (2019)”

Let’s Talk Money (2018) – Monika Halan

In 2015, I discovered The Dave Ramsey Show on YouTube while trying to figure out how not to live pay cheque to pay cheque. I did not follow his plan, called the Baby Steps, because I thought it did not apply to the Indian condition. There was no 401k tax free investing in mutual funds,Continue reading “Let’s Talk Money (2018) – Monika Halan”

Storytelling by Hemant Baliwala

Society for Technical Communication Pune arranged for a learning session on Storytelling by Hemant Baliwala on August 14, 2019 . I attended the session hoping this would help me improve my blogging skills a bit. The first session had all of us (about 37 of us) introduce ourselves with our name, favourite food, favourite place,Continue reading “Storytelling by Hemant Baliwala”

Is Chandrayaan 2 landing on the Moon’s South Pole?

No. Rachana, over on Twitter, asked why the CNN covered Chandrayaan 2’s Moon landing on September 7 as that of the second landing on the far side of the Moon rather than as the first polar landing by any country. Rachana is a space professional and her tweets earlier on space have been worth following.Continue reading “Is Chandrayaan 2 landing on the Moon’s South Pole?”