The See Listen Read Better Podcast Episode 2 – Rest, Cal Newport and The Vault of Vishnu

See – Matt D’Avella – The Most Overlooked Way to be More Productive Listen – Cal Newport on the Rich Roll Podcast Ashwin Sanghi – The Vault of Vishnu (2020)

The Vault of Vishnu (2020)

I had purchased all Ashwin Sanghi books up to Sialkot Saga as and when they came. I purchased The Vault of Vishnu on pre-order. When the book came I realised that Sanghi had written more books in the interim that I had missed. During this time, I was trying new techniques of reading multiple booksContinue reading “The Vault of Vishnu (2020)”

The SLR Better Podcast – Episode 1

See Zettelkasten Learning Method – Simply Explained How to Take Smart Notes – Zettelkasten Method in Roam Research Listen The Moving Curve – the podcast episodes and show notes. Read In the podcast, I kept calling the book Seven Lessons instead of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics!! Here is the link to my blog postContinue reading “The SLR Better Podcast – Episode 1”

Malayalam YouTube channel recommendations

I wrote a Twitter thread last night about the Malayalam language YouTube channels I discovered over the last month. As I kept watching these videos, YouTube’s algorithm started surfacing more Malayalam content for me after a week. The English captioning for Malayalam video is currently awful. This list is expanded and includes more channels thatContinue reading “Malayalam YouTube channel recommendations”

7 Brief Lessons on Physics (2015)

I was listening to the On Being podcast where Krista Tippett was interviewing Carlo Rovelli. Rovelli is an Italian physicist working with the Quantum Gravity research group at Centre de Physique Theorique in Marseille, France. As soon as the episode was over, I went over to Amazon and ordered the book he had been talkingContinue reading “7 Brief Lessons on Physics (2015)”

Daughter’s School – First Working Day

It’s a new world. The first day at school (yesterday – June 10) for my daughter involved an hour long session for Parents Orientation. My daughter, my wife and I sat in front of my laptop awaiting for the session to begin. Today (June 11) the working day begins. Several parents logged in, tried playingContinue reading “Daughter’s School – First Working Day”

Daughter’s First Day at School

Today is my daughter’s first day at school. She is in Nursery. First, let me acknowledge my privilege in being able to afford a school that is starting on time during a pandemic. The classes are online. Being able to afford a separate laptop for her with enough internet bandwidth to attend class and forContinue reading “Daughter’s First Day at School”