Skyroot Aerospace unveils Dhawan 1

Skyroot Aerospace unveiled the Dhawan 1 cryogenic engine today. Skyroot Aerospace is a commercial launch vehicle service provider company based in Hyderabad. They hope to build a fleet of three small satellite launch vehicles called Vikram 1, Vikram 2 and Vikram 3. They hope to launch Vikram 1 in December 2021. Dhawan 1 is aContinue reading “Skyroot Aerospace unveils Dhawan 1”

A muted first anniversary for Chandrayaan 2

Arup Dasgupta writes in The Wire Science about the muted Chandrayaan 2 anniversary. This is quite contrary to the claim of the 95% mission success that ISRO spoke of at the time of the loss of lander and rover. I broadly agree with the point Dasgupta makes in the article but have a few reservationsContinue reading “A muted first anniversary for Chandrayaan 2”

My Thinking on Cryptocurrency

I am thinking of investing a small amount of money in cryptocurrency. For the last three weeks, I have been listening to and reading articles about the situation in India. What follows is my summary. I had forgotten about cryptocurrencies for the longest time since my initial fascination for it in 2017. The fascination hitContinue reading “My Thinking on Cryptocurrency”

China’s Reusable Satellite Experiment

China, on Friday, launched a space plane into orbit. The launch took place on board the Long March 2F. The payload is called a Reusable Experimental Spacecraft. China carries out secretive launch of ‘reusable experimental spacecraft’ – Andrew Jones, Space News, September 4, 2020 China just launched a ‘reusable test spacecraft’ — possibly a spaceplaneContinue reading “China’s Reusable Satellite Experiment”

The See, Listen and Read Better Podcast Episode 3 – Running, TV Journalism and Rest

Sharing suggestions for a See, Listen and Read each week so that you can See, Listen and Read better. This week I suggest watching HasGeek TV’s Run, Run, Run, listening to The Seen and The Unseen episode on journalism and reading Leo Babauta’s blog post on taking rest. See – Run, Run, Run – HasGeekContinue reading “The See, Listen and Read Better Podcast Episode 3 – Running, TV Journalism and Rest”