Cyclone Nisarga Effect – Pune

Yesterday, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra addressed the State about the upcoming cyclone likely to hit the coast of Maharashtra today (June 3). There has been torrential rain since 3 pm yesterday. The rain subsided late yesterday evening and was since a drizzle. We went to check that our vehicles were secure. We put theContinue reading “Cyclone Nisarga Effect – Pune”

Vertical Urbanism

This was originally posted on my blog on December 25, 2011. Found this post on the Wayback Machine. For the last few days, I have been hunting for two things – various clubs/hang outs/societies related to Geography and how I can become a professional geographer. In my search, I found out this beauty ofContinue reading “Vertical Urbanism”


This article originally appeared on my blog I recovered the post using Wayback Machine. During preparations of WikiConference India 2011, I had wanted to do an OpenStreetMap workshop. Lack of internet stopped us from doing it at the Conference venue as well. After the Conference, I’m now trying to learn and edit OpenStreetMap myself. As I thoughtContinue reading “#pincodegeo”

Swimming Pool in Chembur

I have been around in Chembur since 1992 or so. Since then, the town has changed a lot. The municipal swimming facility in Chembur, now called General Arun Kumar Vaidya Swimming Pool. This was part of the overall naming and renaming exercise undertaken by the right-wing Shiv Sena which swept into power in 1994 inContinue reading “Swimming Pool in Chembur”

Typhoon in the Philippines

Preetam Rai of Global Voices reports: Cathy Bythesea is asking her readers to help her collect a thousand bears for Bicol. Bicol region was badly hit by the typhoon Reming. “Stuffed toys have been known to be effective comfort givers in times of extreme stress and fear. To children, stuffed animals are more than toys,Continue reading “Typhoon in the Philippines”