China’s Reusable Satellite Experiment

China, on Friday, launched a space plane into orbit. The launch took place on board the Long March 2F. The payload is called a Reusable Experimental Spacecraft. China carries out secretive launch of ‘reusable experimental spacecraft’ – Andrew Jones, Space News, September 4, 2020 China just launched a ‘reusable test spacecraft’ — possibly a spaceplaneContinue reading “China’s Reusable Satellite Experiment”

Activa called Jupiter

We bought Jupiter home yesterday on December 2, 2019. The Contenders We were thinking of buying a scooter for Dhanya to help her get our daughter to school, do errands locally and give her some independent mobility. The scooters we considered were the TVS Jupiter and Honda Activa. Shopping Experience I really enjoyed the shoppingContinue reading “Activa called Jupiter”