Getting off Twitter

Since June I’ve been reviewing my usage of the Internet and it’simpact on my offline life. I’ve been collecting raw numbers. In thepast week I crunched the data. I spend nearly Rs. 300 per week on accessing the Net. Most of this isused on Twitter and Gmail. I saw that I was spending 6 hrs/dayContinue reading “Getting off Twitter”

Lunar Analog Research Station – India

My first knowledge of an analog research station was Arctic MarsAnalog Station Expedition or AMASE. A thought process carried forwardwith Flashline Mars Analog Research station or FMARS. The Moon MinersManifesto’s India Quarterly expanded on the theme and brought thesubject of a similar station for the Moon in India at the backdrop ofthe Chandrayaan series ofContinue reading “Lunar Analog Research Station – India”

Games children play

This content originally appeared on Recovered using the WayBack Machine from here. [These are random posts that I write, occassionally to please myself and occassionally to please others] This was inspired by the way kids collect on the play ground and what they play today compared to the games that I played in myContinue reading “Games children play”

Let the elections begins!

This was originally posted on I retrieved the post using the Wayback Machine here. The Election Commission yesterday announced the dates for the national elections – April 16 through May 13. Results will be announced on May 16. 714 million people will vote with 522 constitutences will be using photo electoral rolls. The elections will takeContinue reading “Let the elections begins!”

Purpose of life

This blog post was originally posted on and was retrieved from the Wayback Machine here. The purpose of my life is to harmonise Man and Nature. Well, said like that it sounds pretty lame, eh? But, believe me or not, that statement took 5.5 years to put together. This is a pretty long postContinue reading “Purpose of life”

What’s the program, 2009

2008 has been overall not been too good. I’ve become lazy, stupid, careless, angry, unhealthy, addicted to GPRS and more committed to getting a job in ISRO! But, its helped in meeting more wonderful people, providing great insights into myself (during the lazy bouts), better awareness, a maturity and possibly a philosophy that I canContinue reading “What’s the program, 2009”