Work from Home 2

It’s been more than a month since my last post about Working from Home. I thought this was a nice time to look back at how things went.

Information Overload

News about COVID-19 was everywhere. Television news, newspapers, podcast episodes, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp group and email newsletters. It was information overload. Eventually, I limited the sources of information that I relied upon.

These are the resources that I turned to over the last one month while I tuned out all the rest to maintain my sanity.

Ward-wise COVID-19 active case numbers shared by Smart Pune tweet, embedded below. Image Credit: Smart Pune.

For local information related to Pune, I followed the Smart Pune Twitter handle. This provided ward-level data about the spread of the disease – number of positive cases and death – in my ward.

There were two podcasts that I followed for COVID-19. The 3 Things podcast from the Indian Express provided news stories from across the country. It covers only a single or 3 topics at the maximum. These deep dives gave enough back ground and insight about the news stories that I slowly ended consumption of other news sources which were covering very little other than COVID-19.

A data based podcast comes from a data journalist, Rukmini S called The Moving Curve (also available on Spotify now).

I also have access to some office-related resources which are not accessible publically.

Working from Home setup

Since the last update, I have become better at separating time between home and work. I tried to setup my working time according to better internet speeds. However, I found that this affected my output and left me feeling groggy most of the time.

As time passed, the internet and power supply stabilized. This allowed me to go back to my office timings for work. When I reset this, it improved my productivity at work and happiness at home.

But, perhaps, by the time people get used to working from home it may well be time to return back to a workplace. Personally, I would welcome it even if we maintain social distancing.

Getting off Twitter

Since June I’ve been reviewing my usage of the Internet and it’s
impact on my offline life. I’ve been collecting raw numbers. In the
past week I crunched the data.

I spend nearly Rs. 300 per week on accessing the Net. Most of this is
used on Twitter and Gmail. I saw that I was spending 6 hrs/day despite
reducing my usage on Twitter. Doing it less often is an option but I
generally miss out on the fun. I specifically took a higher cost Net
connection to force me to use it less.

Even if I can absorb the cost I spend the time I spend here was coming
from time alloted for reading, listening to songs, working on
projects, thinking new project ideas etc.

I’ll keep my friendfeed a/c up and update all the various services. I
think I’ll be more useful that way.

India goes to the Moon!

This article originally appeared on my blog I recovered the post using Wayback Machine.


Yeah! It is yesterday’s news and you might be wondering what I have been doing for so long when the greatest news in the Indian space programme was breaking. Well, I was busy being Chandrayaan1 on Twitter

This is not connected in any way to ISRO – although I do email them the questions that I get here. I haven’t told that many people what I have been doing either. I have tried my best – please do have a look and comment!

Well, to summarize all the news – India’s first space craft to the Moon has successfully reached lunar orbit and is now circling the moon in a 100 kms circular polar orbit, doing the orbit in an awesome 2 hours.  Two on board instruments – RADOM and TMC have been switched on and are working. TMC is a camera that is taking images of the moon while the RADOM is a radiation sampler.

Tonight at around 10 pm, Chandrayaan 1 will drop the MIP (Moon Impact Probe) onto the surface of the moon. It has flags painted on four sides and will be the FIRST INDIAN OBJECT ON THE MOON! This drop will show that India can drop a probe/lander/rover onto the lunar surface the next time we come to the Moon!

Chandrayaan 1 on Twitter

This article originally appeared on my blog I recovered the post using Wayback Machine.

I tried tweeting as Chandrayaan1 on Twitter. Please do look at the feed and share your thoughts. I should have organised this a bit much more and announced it before the launch. But its never too late. This is the unofficial feed.

Also, if you were in a big group when you watched the launch, please do send me the name of your group and where you watched the launch from, and I shall be happy to add it to the Chandrayaan 1 feed.