Share: Review: ‘Salam – The First ****** Nobel Laureate’ (2018)

VM has been prolifically blogging the past few days. In this piece, he reviews the book about Pakistan’s first Nobel laureate and physicist, Abdus Salam. The book traces his work as he fumbles to make a mark in Pakistan’s history and is denied it because of his religious identity. I love VM’s observation on how he could have been Pakistan’s Abdul Kalam.

Watch “Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? | Harald Eia | TEDxOslo” on YouTube

From the text: “Counter intuitive as it may sound high taxes, generous welfare states and strong unions make it a better environment for people who wants to earn huge amounts of money than free markets, low taxes and minimal government”

Sharing this talk since it is a contrary position to what I have experienced in my life.

Between Political Democracy and Protests

Ethan Zuckerman spoke at re:publica2015 at Berlin on May 1, 2015, where among various things he mentioned how we’re treading the middle ground between political democracy and protest movements after various rounds of success and failures under each.

If you’re too lazy to watch the whole video or on low bandwidth or just love to read, you can read his own writing about the talk here.